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  • SMEN 万博体育max论坛

    SMEN 品牌>SMEN 万博体育max论坛


    SMEN代表着 Self-confidence自信、Metropolis都市、Enchantment 魅力、Newlook新观点。致力打造时尚的生活方式,为顾客提供优·质流行的时尚商品,塑造独特的现代新女性魅力美学




    SMEN is a well-known fast fashion women's clothing brand of Xiamen SMEN Group Co., Ltd., which was launched in autumn 2006

    Brand Philosophy

    SMEN represent Self-confidence, Metropolis, Enchantment, Newlook. To create a fashionable lifestyle, to provide customers with high-quality, popular fashion goods, and to create a unique modern new female charm aesthetics

    Design Concept
    Brand inspiration ,comes from daily life. Designers are good at observing, capturing, refining, using international trends and elements, and reconstructing and satisfying the psychological needs of modern women's clothing

    Group labels

    A group of modern new women, aged about 25-30 years old, pursuing the urbanized lifestyle, unwilling to be a supporting role in their lives, independent, confident, but not feminine Having an aesthetic perception of life. Like to try a variety of Mashup clothing experience, in the enjoyment of casual shopping fun, but also to release the pressure of my heart